Yahoo Wire: “Breitbart Hijacks the Weinergate Presser”

June 7, 2011

This might be the most dishonest report of the today’s coverage of Breitbart’s Weiner press conference.

Breitbart Hijacks the Weinergate Presser

Breitbart made himself out to be the victim in his statement before reporters, saying he was fielding phone calls the whole time he was on vacation, and that conservative reporters are held to a higher standard. As many reporters were¬†scratching their heads trying to figure out why Weiner’s press conference would open with a Breitbart statement,¬†Lizzie O’Leary asked a good question: “Can someone show me an official release from Weiner’s office announcing this press conference?” Was the press just fooled by another Breitbart prank?

Every journalist in that room who has not suffered a recent traumatic brain injury should be well aware of two things. 1) Breitbart was asked to take the podium because the networks didn’t want to move their cameras off of the podium shot. 2) All of the press was there because they received the press release about the press conference directly from Weiner’s people, so they all knew it was legit.

Interestingly, the author, Elspeth Reeve, doesn’t think that after days of being accused of lying and setting up Rep Weiner with a faux scandal, Andrew Breitbart deserved to be a little pissed.


Jon David Kahn “American Heart”