yFrog CEO: No Reason To Believe Weiner’s Security Was Violated

June 2, 2011

Two major developments in this story that both look horrible for Rep. Weiner. First, Weiner has all but admitted that the image is in fact his wiener

…the Congressman told Maddow that it is possible that the photo was of him and had been “taken out of context.”

By taken out of context, he might be implying that the pic was taken some time ago, and that it doesn’t show the vagina just out of frame. Who knows. Who cares.

The second piece of bad news for Rep Weiner comes from the CEO of yFrog.

Jack Levin, the chief executive of yFrog, the Twitter-affiliated image and video service that was used to upload the photo, said in an interview on Wednesday that his company did not have reason to believe that its user passwords were exposed or stolen. He said it was possible that the photo could have been sent from Mr. Weiner’s yFrog account through his Twitter password or through a yFrog password.

This statement implies that the pic of Weiner’s wiener was not sent the way lefty bloggers are insisting it was. If that is the case it only leaves a few options as to how this all happened.

1) Rep Weiner sent this pic of his wiener to this girl, and he did it from his own Blackberry. He thought it would be private, but he was mistaken. Creepy but not impeachable until he lied about being hacked, That was impeachable.

2) Rep Weiner’s Blackberry was used to send the image of his wiener, but it was not Weiner who did it. Slightly less creepy but probably not impeachable, unless he broke a law by failing to report a crime.

3) Someone gained access to Rep Weiner’s Twitter account info, and a pic of his wiener, and sent it from a twitter or mms app on another Blackberry. This info could have been obtained either through some devasting hack from the outside, or by someone stealing the info and image from inside Weiner’s office. Still a bit creepy, but not impeachable until Rep Weiner failed to report it. Then it became VERY impeachable.

4) This space is for the idea we haven’t been smart or clever enough to think of yet.

No matter which way you think this image was obtained and tweeted through Weiner’s Twitter account, if you take Weiner at his word and accept that the image is likely him, and that he was hacked, the fact that he failed to report the incident in an effort to avoid an investigation looks like obstruction of justice.

Again, if you take the Cockressman at his word (which is hard to do) he was hacked! That means every member of Congress is vulnerable until we get to the bottom of exactly how this happened. In a post Wikileaks world, which elected officials want to be on the side of ignoring a potential security breach, other than Weiner that is?

A very brief investigation of this matter would reveal exactly where the image came from, and if/how the Rep might have been hacked. Law enforcement and Twitter could end this story by the end of the day. Why won’t Weiner let them, especially if he is already copping to the fact that the image is him? Once the world knows that the wiener is his, he should have nothing left to hide. Riiiiiiight? That is unless he is hiding the fact that he is a big fat lying liar, and he did send the Tweet, and then alleged a crime to cover it up.

If that is the case, Rep Weiner should answer to a judge the same way anyone else in this country would have to if they publicly alleged a crime in an effort to cover up their own behavior.

UPDATE: This hilarious excerpt from Ace of Spades:

Let me suggest the obvious answer is in fact the answer.

There is no need to get clever here. There is no grand mystery. This is not like Watergate — scratch that, it sort of is like Watergate. What you think happened here is pretty much what happened here.

A married man, formerly a player (yeah I don’t get that either), looking for a little 11:30 am virtual strange while the missus was away, sent a picture of his package, which he’s extremely proud of, to a coed. Don’t ask me why he’s so proud of that. But I just heard him on Maddow getting off on the fact that Jon Stewart talked up his junk on national television.

The guy almost wants us to know it’s his penis. That’s how proud he is of it.

Anyway, the coed is cute. Has flattered this man, who is a narcissist, by calling him “my boyfriend” and saying she has a “crush” and also that he is, to her, physically attractive.

Yeah I don’t get that one, either. But if you look at this cat, you can tell he’s not really accustomed to hearing that, so it still strikes a pleasing note inside him.

Do I need to go on any further? This is not complicated.

As Ace points out, it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened. Just ask Hayley Williams

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