November 15, 2011

Recently, I was asked to prepare 3 excerpts of comments made by Chicago Teachers Union Thug-In-Chief Karen Lewis. In the excerpts, Lewis bullies Education Secretary Arne Duncan for his speech impediment (a lisp), jokes about smoking lots of pot, and talks about losing weight so she can fit her over-sized posterior on a prison toilet because she plans on getting arrested.


I did exactly as asked, and excerpted the three soundbites in full. They are in complete context. There is no content on either side of any of the excerpts that would change the accuracy of the portions excerpted.

But a funny thing happened on the way Lewis’s defense of her indefensible language. The thugs in the Chicago Teachers Union lied about the tape, claiming it was “edited” in a dishonest attempt to discredit the excerpts. From the Sun Times:

The statement [via CTU] said the comments were being presented “out of context” in order to “shift the focus from bad public policy decisions in education to attacks on (Lewis’) character.”

I challenge any of the so called teachers to educate me as to how Lewis was taken out of context.

If they can’t cite even one specific example of how the quotes were taken out of context, they should apologize for their defamatory assertions!

There has been plenty of criticism of Lewis for setting a revolting example for the children under her charge. What example does it set for the union to lie about the nature of the excerpts in a transparent attempt to kill the messenger and skirt responsibility for their reckless behavior?

From arrests, to bullying, to lying, these teachers have established a pattern of setting a terrible example for everyone, child and adult alike.



Jon David Kahn “American Heart”