August 22, 2012

Local Documentary Filmmaker Reacts To Attack Video Produced By Chicago Teachers Union (CTU)

—–Documentary filmmaker Andrew Marcus (Director of the motion picture Hating Breitbart to be released this fall), is the subject of a new attack video produced by the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU)

Chicago, Illinois August 20th, 2012 / — Last week the Chicago Teachers Union released a video attacking local documentary filmmaker, Andrew Marcus.

Marcus directed a short documentary entitled “A Tale Of Two Missions” for the Education Action Group (EAG). The documentary examines the reform battle being waged in Chicago between advocates for school choice and the CTU. The film stars Juan Williams and features a candid interview with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The CTU describes Marcus as a writer for a “right wing radical extremist blog” Founding Bloggers

The CTU further asserts that because education reform groups are working with people like Marcus, they’re guilty of associating with radicals.  Is CTU suggesting that Juan Williams and Mayor Emanuel are radical extremists for their participation in the documentary?

Marcus responded, “It’s outrageous and hypocritical for the CTU to try and paint me as some kind of radical. Especially given their documented history of hiring radical Occupy Chicago organizers to help them stage CTU protests that end in mass arrests. Since when is presenting a variety of approaches to education, a discussion that includes voices of differing political backgrounds like those of Juan Williams and Rahm Emanuel, radical?  Is simply the notion of questioning the status quo of education in this country something the CTU considers radical?  They are the ones with an established pattern of radical alliances.”

Marcus is referring to a CTU protest march held in October of 2011 staged by Chicago’s Occupy movement under the supervision of self proclaimed Anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian.  

Marcus documented the CTU/Occupy protest in his short web video entitled “Teaching Radical”

In Marcus’s video, members of CTU can be seen prior to the march discussing who will be arrested later in the day.

“The leadership of CTU premeditated their own arrests with the help of self-proclaimed anarchists, and yet they smear my reputation. They should apologize to me and the law abiding people of Chicago who deserve teachers who put children above radical politics.”

For more information or to schedule interviews, contact Andrew Marcus (@HatingBreitbart)


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