Anachronistic as it may be, we hold that there can be little doubt that the Founders and Framers of these United States would have been cyber-savvy, laptop-toting, wi-fi enabled electronic pamphleteers, and it is in this spirit that we have named this forum.

Our hope is that Founding Bloggers will play a role, if only a modest one, in the greater political discourse, as not only a venue for the advocacy of those ideas which have made possible the greatness of these United States of America  of political and economic liberty, of small and limited Federal government, of the sanctity of the individual, unfettered by statism, and of the importance of preserving and defending these ideas for future generations , but also as a repository for comments and observations by like-minded and otherwise intellectually engaged Americans. We maintain that within a popular political culture dominated by sophistry and demagoguery, the force of Reason, girded by the lessons of history, and allowed to operate unhindered, may yet prevail. With this in mind, and with these ideals as our touchstone, we venture forth into the often murky terrain of contemporary political conversation, and hope, with humility and optimism, that our endeavor is accomplished in a manner that would make Our Founders proud.


Andrew Marcus – Producer, Contributor
Jim Hoft – Contributor
Allan Sluis – Graphic Designer, Contributor
Michael Kadela – Writer, Contributor

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    [...] While I was checking out the story in Kentucky last week, I had an interesting conversation with Andrew Marcus of Founding Bloggers who asked me, Where are all these laid-off journalists who’ve lost their [...]

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