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Is the Obamacare Tanning Tax Riddled with Isms?

April 9, 2010

We here at Founding Bloggers have been contemplating one of the first new Obamacare taxes to encumber our already-burdened economy, slated to take effect in July of this year, to wit:  The Tanning Tax. Now, there are, of course, exceptions to any rule or trend.  That noted, we cannot help but also notice that...

But Wait, I Thought Handguns Were Banned in Chicago

April 3, 2010

Regrettably, for the citizens of Chicago, the only people who are well-armed are the gangland thugs who terrorize the population and the too-few police who already have their hands full. April in Chicago has started off with a bang, as it were.  There have been 40 shootings here in the past three days.  Until...

Founding Bloggers on The Daily Show

April 1, 2010

It was only a matter of time: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c You’re Not Helping – Harry Reid Supporters www.thedailyshow.com Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Health Care Reform // Share|

The Snyder Family Has Suffered Enough

April 1, 2010

On March 3, 2006,  Lance Corporal Matthew A. Snyder of the United States Marine Corps was killed while deployed in Iraq.  He was 20 years old.  During his funeral, the pseudo-Christian lunatics of Westboro Baptist Church “demonstrated,” making what must have already been the worst day in the Snyder family’s life even worse.  The...

Class Warfare All The Rage in Searchlight, Nevada

March 31, 2010

In this clip, the Harry Reid supporter who threatened Andrew Breitbart with violence explains how America will pay for the new heath care bill. According to his class-warfare-laden statements, the free ride for the rich is over. // Share|

Palin Keeps Her Thoughts Close At Hand – The Sequel?

March 29, 2010

There she goes again.  Rumors are circulating that the gun-slinging, Liberal-terrifying, conventional-wisdom defying, hot sexy mama of the political Right, ex-governess of Russia’s back yard, Sarah Palin, has once again committed the unspeakable crime of writing a mnemonic upon her….hand! What a rube! At least one of your Founding Bloggers, it is alleged, has...

AP Outrage! Egg throwing = “Hospitality”

March 28, 2010
AP Outrage!  Egg throwing = “Hospitality”

Yesterday in Searchlight, Nevada, supporters of Senator Harry Reid deliberately misdirected traffic in an attempt to confuse would-be Tea Partiers.  One of those who was successfully misdirected was Andrew Breitbart, whom Time Magazine has recently dubbed “The Right’s New Loudmouth.”  When they realized exactly who they had ensnared,  they surrounded him, accused him of...

(UPDATED AND BUMPED) Harry Reid Supporters Threaten Violence Against Breitbart at Tea Party Protest

March 28, 2010
(UPDATED AND BUMPED) Harry Reid Supporters Threaten Violence Against Breitbart at Tea Party Protest

Supporters of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid staged a counter-protest today in Searchlight, Nevada, the Senator’s hometown.  Reid supporters gathered just down the road from the launching point of the Tea Party Express tour, and when Breitbart happened upon them, he was met with threats of violence.  At least one protester threw an egg...

Want a Tummy Tuck? Obama Wants 5%

March 27, 2010

We here at Founding Bloggers have been doing what Congress didn’t – we’ve been reading the new health care bill.  This particular section, not yet widely publicized, ought to be welcome news to anybody looking into hair plugs or botox, e.g., Vice President Biden. SEC. 9017. EXCISE TAX ON ELECTIVE COSMETIC MEDICAL PROCEDURES. (a)...

U.K. Watch: Increase in Health Managers Outpaces…Doctors and Nurses

March 26, 2010

Great Britain is keeping the Special Relationship extra special by continuing to provide us with regular examples of how not to manage our health care – examples which we happily ignore. Apparently, the last decade has seen the number of NHS managers grow at twice the rate of clinicians: In the last decade the...

Just in Case You Have About 10,000 Hours of Free Time

March 26, 2010

As promised, now that Obamacare has passed, we get to find out what’s in it. // Share|

Yes, We Will! (Pay More For Tampons)

March 26, 2010

President Obama has shifted gears today from campaigning for health care reform to campaigning against health care reform backlash.  He has added, in the process, yet another three word phrase to his impressive rhetorical cache, inviting enraged Liberty-loving, repeal-minded Americans to “go for it.” Well, now that the bill has passed, we finally get...


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