November 11, 2011

This #occupydenver thug stormed the conservative blogcon conference, trying to shut down the free speech rights of participants.

He tried to interrupt Tony Katz while he was recording a segment for his radio show.

The thug was promptly arrested, sending the #occupy #riotmongers into a frenzy of indignity.

Here is the interruption (via GATEWAY PUNDIT):

Here is the arrest and aftermath:


November 7, 2011

Via Iowahawk:

Real Men of Genius: self-taught Occupy Portland inventor unveils the OppressionStopperĀ®Ā http://youtu.be/N4uAxjf4XEI#PatentPending


(VIDEO) Kos Refuses To Comment On Breitbart Appearance At Netroots Nation 2011

June 18, 2011

Today, we bumped into Markos “Kos” Moulitsas outside the Hilton Hotel, where Right Online is being held, and where the Netroots are staying for their convention.

We tried to ask him about what went down when Breitbart crashed Kos’s convention. Kos didn’t feel like commenting:

Breitbart was accused of being a coward for not answering the Kos crowd’s questions to their satisfaction. We do not think Kos is a coward for doing the same.

Breitbart Storms Netroots Nation

June 17, 2011

Andrew Breitbart made an unexpected appearance at Netroots Nation, formerly Yearly KOS. They promptly accused him of complicity in attacking Muslim women in Minneapolis. // Share|

Dem Rep Jan Schakowsky Comments On Anthony Weiner’s Penis Tweets

June 14, 2011

Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky commented on Anthony Weiner’s penis tweets. Here is the long and the short of it. // Share|

(UPDATED) Founding Bloggers Exclusive! Our Footage Of The CNN Chicago Tea Party Throwdown

April 16, 2009

UPDATE II: We have posted an in-depth video report which examines the Chicago Tea Party from the inside out. It includes the video CNN has forbidden us to show to you. Check it out.

UPDATE: Obviously we hit a nerve with CNN because they forced YouTube to pull the video down, along with all of the comments people posted. Some other YouTuber (who we do not know and are not affiliated with) grabbed the clip before YouTube yanked it. That clip is embedded below.

At today’s Tea Party protest in Chicago, CNN’s Susan Roesgen found herself in some hot water with an angry crowd when she became belligerent with a protester.

CNN shut the segment down quickly, with a few editorial insults toward the Tea Partiers thrown in for good measure.

“I think you get the general tenor of this. It’s anti-government, anti-CNN since this is highly promoted by the right-wing conservative network Fox.”

Founding Bloggers was on the scene, and we have footage of the schooling Susan Roesgen received from angry attendees after she signed off.

Below is the corpse of the clip we uploaded to YouTube, that CNN had yanked.

Michelle Malkin has more.


BREAKING! Chicago Tax Day Tea Party Pictures!

FINAL UPDATE: Our original clip which CNN fraudulently forced YouTube to take down in a vain attempt to silence us, has been restored!! Click here to see the coverage CNN tried BUT FAILED to disappear.


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