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Breitbart Storms Netroots Nation

June 17, 2011

Andrew Breitbart made an unexpected appearance at Netroots Nation, formerly Yearly KOS. They promptly accused him of complicity in attacking Muslim women in Minneapolis. // Share|

Dem Rep Jan Schakowsky Comments On Anthony Weiner’s Penis Tweets

June 14, 2011

Democrat Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky commented on Anthony Weiner’s penis tweets. Here is the long and the short of it. // Share|

Jan Schakowsky Condemns Her Closest Allies For Their Role In Hamas Flotilla

June 14, 2011

Rep. Jan Schakowsky is trying to break free of the ‘Schakowsky Conundrum.’ For anyone unfamiliar with this syndrome, here is a description: Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky finds herself in the unfortunate position of battling the very Progressive movement she has done so much to help shape. You see, she is a Progressive Zionist, and...


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