Given that the Course of human events requires energy to run its course, and given that a lack of energy, either by diminishing supplies or prohibitive costs, will severely impede the course of human events, a decent respect to the laws of physics and economics compels us to explicitly outline the manifold reasons for establishing and maintaining a superabundance of available energy from sources untethered to unfriendly or otherwise hostile societies.

We hold these truths to be sufficiently evident to reasonable and informed people, namely:

- that human enterprise requires energy

- that the most efficient source of energy presently is petroleum

- that petroleum is ubiquitous in the modern and developed world, not only as the primary source of energy, but also as a fundamental raw material for innumerable products which unambiguously and positively contribute to human progress, comfort, and life

- that compulsory conservation of energy results neither in economic growth nor a qualitative improvement of the human condition

- that, as human beings, continuing to improve the human condition is a noble pursuit

- that sources of energy other than petroleum will become available once they are practicable and affordable on a wide scale, and that such alternative energies cannot be forced into practicable existence by mere political edict or rhetoric

- that the emergence of these alternative energy technologies would be inevitably delayed within an economic environment hampered by artificial limits on energy consumption

- that, ultimately, plentiful and affordable energy is a prerequisite for continuing human progress and achievement

Given these sufficiently evident truths, and given that

a significant portion of our energy requirements are currently provided by nations that are politically and culturally hostile to The United States,

and that to be beholden to nations that are politically and culturally hostile to The United States severely and profoundly compromises our national security,

and in order, then, to maximize our national security, it would follow, we must take swift action to ensure that we are not beholden to hostile nations,

We therefore declare that Energy Independence for The United States of America is absolutely essential to not only the continuing improvement of the human condition within our borders, but also to our security as a nation henceforward, and, to that end, we must take whatever steps are necessary to secure that energy independence, including the exploitation of all known sources of petroleum within our purview and the discovery and subsequent exploitation of hitherto unknown sources of petroleum, until such time that alternative energy technologies are as abundant, affordable, and easily employed by a supermajority of our citizens. Furthermore, we hold that this energy independence, through both aggressive petroleum extraction and the vigilant pursuit of supplemental alternative energy sources, ought to be undertaken and established with all deliberate speed.

Nothing less than our liberty to pursue happiness is at stake.

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