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A Tale Of Two Headlines: Three Federal Prisoners Escape Downstate Facility – State Panel Votes In Favor Of Illinois Gitmo Plan

January 6, 2010
A Tale Of Two Headlines: Three Federal Prisoners Escape Downstate Facility – State Panel Votes In Favor Of Illinois Gitmo Plan

These two headlines, both currently on Chicago Breaking News, should strike fear in your heart – unless you are a Progressive Democrat, in which case it will inspire denial. State panel votes in favor of Illinois Gitmo plan Three federal prisoners escape downstate facility Impeach the Democrats at the polls in 2010 UPDATE: The...

Gun Saves Two Lives In Home Invasion

December 28, 2009

Chicago Breaking News is reporting on a home invasion in suburban Waconda that went very badly for the invaders. The homeowners had a gun, and they used it. A press release from police said the shooting happened at about 5:47 p.m. Saturday, with the masked men forcing their way into a house in the...

Illinois Governor Singles Out Group For Special Gun Punishment

December 3, 2009

We are not fans of gangs, their members, or their guns, but it is hard to see how Illinois can constitutionally single out a specific group of people for specific punishment. Gov. Pat Quinn signed a law today requiring prison time for street gang members convicted of possessing a loaded gun in a public...

Americans Just Love Their Bricks!

November 15, 2009

A Chicago man has been charged with aggravated battery of a child, accused of throwing a brick into a car on the city’s Northwest Side and seriously injuring a 3-year-old girl, police said. This is probably because of America’s love of bricks. This is just one incident in what is...

Mother Charged With Murder Of Her Son’s Romantic Rival

November 12, 2009

Parents often say there comes a time in your child’s life when you have to let go, and let them face life’s challenges on their own two feet. Timera D. Branch didn’t get that memo. Timera’s son got into a fight with another boy. It was over a girl. So Timera allegedly did what...

Pregnant Soldier Among Ft. Hood Dead

November 6, 2009

Chicago Breaking News is reporting that one of the victim’s of yesterday’s Jihad at Ft. Hood was a pregnant soldier from the Chicago area. She had served a tour in Iraq, and was about to return home on maternity leave. Pregnant soldier 2nd area victim at Ft. Hood Is the fetus counted among the...

VIDEO – SEIU Conflict Of Interests Regarding $100 Million In Bank Loans!

October 28, 2009

Our latest post is up on Big Government, focusing on the recent SEIU/ACORN protests outside of the 2009 American Bankers Association meeting in Chicago. SEIU claims they are protesting against the banks taking tax payer dollars while foreclosing on homes. There might be a legitimate argument to debate on that issue, but the messenger,...

VIDEO – Obama’s SEIU/ACORN Pitchfork Brigade In Chicago (UPDATED)

October 27, 2009
VIDEO – Obama’s SEIU/ACORN Pitchfork Brigade In Chicago (UPDATED)

President Obama’s ACORN/SEIU army has been called into action in Chicago to protest against greedy capitalist bankers. Don’t expect any sob stories about the angry and un-American nature of these protesters. In the clip below, the angry mob occupies the lobby of a Chicago hotel, until they are removed by the police. And below...

NFL Tryout? Man Allegedly Throws Dog Off Balcony

August 27, 2009

Was Lawrence Juliano attempting to “tryout” for the NFL when he allegedly threw a 17-year-old dog to its death from his 3rd floor balcony? If he is not a world class athlete,  he might be screwed. Also- speaking of Michael Vick, here is a headline from the Kansas City Star: Dog of Michael Vick’s...

(VIDEO) Milwaukee Mayor Attacked While Trying To Protect Grandmother And Baby

August 16, 2009

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was attending the Wisconsin State Fair when he witnessed an old women crying out for help. She was trying to protect her 1 year old grandchild from an unidentified 20 year old man (father?). The mayor, who was there on personal time with his family and without a security detail,...

More Gun Violence In The Olympic City

August 12, 2009

Chicago is sparing no expense trying to convince the world that it should be the host of the 2016 Olympics, but the city elders might want to expend some of those resources addressing the now constant series of gang shootings that are plaguing the Windy Bleeding City. Here are the headlines regarding shootings yesterday...

Chicago Turns Gangland Murder Into An Olympic Event

August 1, 2009

Chicago Breaking News is reporting 6 people were wounded today, 5 critically, at the funeral of a gang member. If getting shot were an Olympic event, Chicago would be dying the river gold. Here’s an idea….These gang members are likely warring for a reason. They are probably fighting over something. Why not identify what...


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