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Completely Under The Radar: Chicago Man Pleads Guilty To Mumbai Jihad Terror Attack – And MUCH More

March 19, 2010

Kudos to the Obama Administration and Eric Holder for today’s news, which went almost completely unnoticed in the wake of the Marxist-Socialized-Health-Care news cycle. Chicago man pleads guilty in Mumbai terrorism case Click the link to read the article, but this looks like one the Obama Administration got right. Credit where it is due....

Howard Stern: “These Democrats On The FCC Are Communists. They’re For Communism!”

March 18, 2010

Left wing bloggers ridicule Glenn Beck when he points out that President Obama has installed Marxists in powerful positions in his administration. It’s easy to mock Glenn Beck because when a grown man appears to beclown himself by crying repeatedly on air, he opens himself up to critique. That’s the downside of...

(VIDEO) Stimulus Springs Eternal: Building Roads In Upscale Illinois Neighborhoods

March 17, 2010

We recently stumbled across a Stimulus construction sign in an upscale neighborhood on the North Shore of Chicago. Recovery.gov describes the project as follows: ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION Highway Infrastructure Investment Grant: Urbanized Areas over 200K Population Award Amount: $1,320,000 Reported Jobs: 4.66 We produced a short video asking the question: Does the upscale...

(VIDEO) They Are Popping The Corks At The DNC! The Economy Is Growing!!

February 19, 2010

Hooray everyone! The Economy is growing!! The video below was recently released by the Democrat Party, and it touts the Obama-Democrat “recovery” now under way. Oddly, despite the numerous government CRA/Fannie/Freddie/Sally Mae/HUD scandals, and despite the fact that Democrats have controlled Congress since 2006, it blames ALL of America’s economic problems on reckless bankers,...

CNN Goes To Bat For John McCain, Labels Opponent A Birther

February 17, 2010

With no regard for, or opinion of J. D. Hayworth, who we know nothing about, it is beyond fascinating to watch CNN go to bat for his political opponent, John McCain. Two problems for Mr. Hayworth in this interview: 1) Publicizing his friendly relationship with Harry Reid is only a negative. 2) Even the...

Massive Democrat Astroturf FAIL!

February 13, 2010

This might be the most astonishing documentation of failure we have ever seen, of the Democrat party’s astroturfed “Organizing For America” health-care protests. // Share|

EXCLUSIVE! BREAKING! Obama Writes On Hand, Too!

February 7, 2010
EXCLUSIVE! BREAKING! Obama Writes On Hand, Too!

Founding Bloggers can exclusively confirm that President Barack Obama, like Sarah Palin, has used his hand for a notepad in the past. Founding Bloggers has unearthed this shocking, smoking gun photograph that catches the President red handed! Previously: Founding Bloggers Confirms Huffington Post’s Completely Worthless Observation // Share|

Senator: Obama Administration Believes It Is “More Important To Protect The Legal Rights Of Terrorists Than To Protect Americans From Terror”

February 4, 2010

Harsh words about the Obama Administration from Missouri Senator Kit Bond: As if that wasn’t enough, Bond opened the call by declaring that the Obama administration believes it is “more important to protect the legal rights of terrorists than to protect Americans from terror.” Follow the link to learn why Bond...

Barack To The Future

January 25, 2010

Check out this clip from Ed Driscoll, “Barack to the Future” // Share|

Forget The A-Bomb. Iran Just Dropped The N-Bomb On Obama!

January 25, 2010

Clearly there aren’t many black people living in Iran. If there were, they would know better than to use the word nig*er in describing President Obama. Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani dropped the n-word while attacking Barack Obama at a meeting with engineers. Regular readers of this blog know we are not President...

Obama Wants Money Out Of Politics – Just Not The $750,000,000 He raised!

January 23, 2010

When Barack Obama ran for president, he raised more than $750,000,000.00 from individuals, corporations, lobbyists, terrorists, etc… Now he wants to make sure nobody else can raise money like he did: Man Who Spent a Billion Dollars to Get Elected Laments More Money in Politics His beef is with the recent Supreme...

Obama: ‘Break Out Your Pitchforks And Head For The Banks!’

January 21, 2010

The government, starving for streams of revenue, wants to tax major banking institutions under a new regulatory scheme allegedly geared toward reforming the financial industry. Today, President Obama launched a major salvo in his Progressive agenda for (Marxist) reform. Below is a brief excerpt of his statement announcing new banking restrictions, and it’s laced...


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